Birthday of the Month Cakes

Celebrate Everyone’s Birthday Every Month on a Day of Your Choice!

Donna B’s Bakery will  deliver decorated cake(s) to your Orange County based business monthly on a cake by cake pre-arranged basis.

We begin this service with a phone call from you! What we will need to know is:

1) The number of  people the cake(s) need to serve. This enables us to determine cake pricing and necessary size(s). Sizes are 8 inch rounds, 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, or full sheet.

2) Your choice of cake flavor(s) and filling(s). Typically companies order white or chocolate cakes with the following filling choices: white cake- bavarian creme and raspberry. Chocolate cake- fudge with tiramisu hazelnut praline. We ice most cakes with our delicious white or chocolate whipped topping, and hand write the persons’ names on the tops of the cakes. For larger organizations we will write names on certain cakes based on their physical location, department, floor, shift, or suite and distribute them to those locations for you.

Using the above information we will quote you a price and a delivery fee.

3) If you agree, we will ask you to email us your full contact information and the first name of the persons celebrating their birthdays. If necessary, you should segregate the cakes by their physical location, department, floor, shift, or suite, etc. I.e. – you may have 5 birthdays in building number 1 requiring an 8 inch cake, 25 birthdays in building number 2 requiring a 1/4 sheet cake, etc. We accept checks and credit cards, or can invoice your company if you prefer. We look forward to hearing from you! 949-367-0100.



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